Want to know more about our mission?

CO2-neutral production

The energy transition and low-carbon production are now indispensable. As an aluminium recycling company, we do everything we can to contribute to a green future. Currently, our production process is already completely CO2 neutral.

We achieve this neutrality by using green energy that we purchase from third parties. Our goal at the moment is to become less dependent on these partners by installing 7,000m² of solar panels ourselves. We will use this to provide our entire recycling process with self-generated green energy.

We are pursuing this even further by renovating our current warehouse and building a new one. This will more than double our workable production area to 17,000m², of which more than 7,000m² is already covered.

High-end technology

There is a lot involved in environmentally responsible entrepreneurship. Using green energy, keeping CO2 emissions as low as possible… In order to deal more efficiently with this energy, we use high-end machines in the field of metal and plastic separation.

We use these machines in combination with the very latest techniques in our sector to take this efficiency to an even higher level. Know-how, experience and the very best technology. That’s how we envision a greener future.

We are already equipped with 2 windmills of 3 MW, which means that from this year we can offer, as one of the first in Europe, low-carbon recycled aluminium of high grade quality (the best quality). We produce these in our self-designed aluminium recycling plant. This applies to all UBCs (aluminium used beverage cans) from ‘urban waste’ and to the aluminium profiles of, among other things, window frames.